Bringing us closer to Christ and each other

Built to connect, inspire and motivate us to pray more readily in an elegant environment while experiencing the power of Jesus in our lives.

The PRAYR App is all about relationships and encouragement.  

  • Relationship with Jesus by spending time with Him in prayer.  

  • Relationships with others as groups come together through prayer.

  • Engaging/Connecting groups in a nimble way to advance the power of prayer.

  • Encouragement in following up on prayer requests by sending a message or Bible verse because prayer is one of the greatest ways believers can show our love and care for others.

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Core Features

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My Prayers – Create a prayer list with the ability to add a picture of the person or thing you are praying over.  We believe in the power of an image to create a connection in prayer.  You will also be able to set reminders, notify people, “I prayed for you!” or send encouragement through scripture showing others your love and support in prayer.

Our Prayers – Centralized place for all your prayer groups. Bring together friends, family and church groups to share requests and connect with the members through our chat feature.

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Faith Builder -It is easy to forget God’s faithfulness and all HE has done for us over the years.  Add entries to Faith Builders as a permanent reminder. Perfect for times you are struggling or when you want to worship HIM.

Tools For Ministries:

  • Members will engage in prayer and grow spiritually.
  • Leaders have a tool to better pray over, communicate and care for their group. 
  • Members can support each other in prayer with easy ways to encourage and build up one another.
  • More efficient system than texting that keeps prayer requests separate from the chatting.
  • Customizable alerts when a prayer changes for someone in your group.
  • Leaders can easily touch base and support their members in between meetings.
  • Built in encouragement that makes members feel more cared for and not isolated or alone.
  • Foster unity amongst members as we join in praying for each other.
  • Get to know the people in your ministry quicker by associating a face to a name and prayer request. 
  • Allow you to consolidate prayer groups you are leading or a part of in one platform.
  • Better privacy than public platforms. 
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Customize the PRAYR app for your ministry