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Connect with your Community Through Prayer

Secular messaging apps are commonly used by ministries to keep their members connected.  But are just that – basic messaging with no context of the faith community or prayer.

Prayr is built to connect, inspire and encourage members by putting  prayer at the center of all community interactions.

Two mobile phones stand next to each other with screen shots of the Prayr app on them.
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Consolidate Your Spiritual Life

Many secular apps used by ministries to manage and engage their community are noisy, cluttered and distracting.  Your Facebook group posts are one of 100 posts that your members scroll past in a 5 minute timeframe.  How often have you gone into Facebook to post in a group and become sidetracked with a Baby Shark video (doo-doo, doo-doo)?

Prayr allows you to consolidate your spiritual life into a single prayer-centered experience, so that when you come into the app you can focus on what is important – strengthen your faith and coming closer to Christ.